Drew Pendergrass, strange loop


I am a native of Huntsville, Alabama, and this is my website. It hosts a variety of projects, resources, and posts made over the years, including experimental music, my writing, video games, and a blog.


Read my article for the Harvard Political Review, "The Alabamafication of America", and my look into Harvard Divinity School for The Crimson, "The New Gods".

A Brief Q&A

Q. Who is our most attractive president?

A. The basic answer here is JFK, but I ask everyone to reconsider one Franklin Pierce. Sure he was a terrible president, but look at that hair!

Franklin Pierce picture

Q. Who are you?

A. Well, to start off, I accept the axiom of choice, I am not a member of any extreme political groups, I keep the old gods, I relate to Kilgore Trout on some visceral level, and I have no dietary restrictions. If you for some strange reason would like to know something substantial about me, you can check out my projects page or my LinkedIn.

Q. Why does this page keep changing?

A. This page is randomly generated by the server on each load. Most of the page's contents are not displayed on one particular load, so for the full experience reload a bunch of times.

Q. How can I contact you?

A. You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, and LinkedIn; you can contact me through any of those websites or drew@drewpendergrass.com.

Please address all complaints to grievances@drewpendergrass.com, an email address I definitely check.

From the archives:

falling christmas

A Moving, and Random, Quotation

Faces along the bar

Cling to their average day:

The lights must never go out,

The music must always play,

All the conventions conspire

To make this fort assume

The furniture of home;

Lest we should see where we are,

Lost in a haunted wood,

Children afraid of the night

Who have never been happy or good.

-WH Auden, from "September 1, 1949"

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