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Writing Portfolio

These are some articles I've written for a general audience (academic writing is linked here). My favorites are in bold. More of my articles can be found on author pages here, here, and here.

"Working at Beauty" (January 2020, Harvard Magazine)

"Franzen's Priveleged Climate Resignation is Deadly and Useless" (September 2019, Current Affairs)

"I Went to the Grand Opening of &pizza/Milk Bar and All I Got Was the Cold Reminder That Harvard Square is Doomed to the Gentrification That Has Overtaken All Major Cities Across the United States" (February 2019, Harvard Crimson)

"The Kendall Square Codebreakers" (February 2019, Harvard Crimson)

"Sympathy and Mild Distaste" (November 2018, Harvard Crimson)

"Harvard's Tai Chi Master" (February 2018, Harvard Crimson)

"How Insulin Became Unaffordable" (January 2018, Harvard Political Review)

"The Televangelist-in-Chief: Trump and the Prosperity Gospel" (November 2017, Harvard Political Review)

"The Bitter Pill: Harvard and the Dark History of Birth Control" (September 2017, Harvard Crimson)

"Inside the Climate Science Witch Hunts" (March 2017, Harvard Political Review)

"The New Gods: Reforging Harvard Divinity School" (February 2017, Harvard Crimson)

"The Alabamafication of America" (February 2017, Harvard Political Review)

"Why teachers in Huntsville City Schools are leaving", winner of the 2016 National Courage in Student Journalism award. (March 2016, AL.com and Huntsville Times)


"Bird Scooters are Decadent and Depraved" (October 2018, Harvard Crimson)

"Medieval Tips for Getting Over a Cold" (September 2018, Harvard Crimson)

"The Pickle is in the Bag" (February 2018, Harvard Crimson)

"Jack Kerouac Takes the Quad Shuttle" (September 2017, Harvard Crimson)

"Yeah, I Ride My Bike Through Harvard Yard" (April 2017, Harvard Crimson)

"Holden Caulfield on Housing Day" (March 2017, Harvard Crimson)