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Current Projects

Commonplace Book

John Locke advised that his readers keep a commonplace book, a document where quotes, proverbs, and ideas would be gathered in an unrestricted way. This is my commonplace book. It is full of quotes and ideas that I find compelling and continue to return to.

Log on wheels

A hot new startup that sells logs on wheels for personal transporation.

Journalism and media

I'm currently a writer for FM magazine, a part of the Harvard Crimson, and a senior writer for the Harvard Political Review. I've published in a variety of outlets, including AL.com and the Huntsville Times. You can see my writing portfolio here.

Musical Composition

I am a composer of modern and experimental music. You can learn more about my compositions on my music website and you can listen to my works on my SoundCloud.

Archived Projects

Intonation, Harmonics and Timbre notes

This is a resource on the physics of sound and musical instruments, which I wrote as I was researching the science behind my tuning software. You can read more on the IHT homepage.

Radcliffe Research Partner for Anthony Tan

For the 2016-17 academic year, I wrote code, processed and edited recordings, and typeset music for Anthony Tan at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. This culminated in a May 2017 concert, where I was a performer.


Alchemy is a single-player military strategy game written in Java. It makes liberal use of statistical analysis of maps and resource distributions to make the goal of world domination as fair as possible. Alchemy is highly efficient and is designed to run on virtually any modern computer - more is on the game's website here.

Alchemy box cover