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A collection of things I decided to post online

The iPfoho Chrome extension

The iPfoho extension replaces all f's with pf's and all instances of the word "millennial" with "Matt Young." The official description:

This app provides the missing support that Pforzheimer House residents need in their Chrome experience. Have you ever read an article and wanted the f's to be replaced by their true form, pf? Have you ever wanted the word millennial replaced with its archetype, Matt Young? Have you ever wanted Google to load improperly in order to meet the above requirements? Then iPfoho is for you!

Log on wheels

The hottest new startup in town.

My time as a left-wing voice in right-wing Alabama media

From 2013-16, my burgeoning socialist years, I was a high school student in Huntsville, Alabama. I semi-regularly wrote op-eds for the local paper on educational justice and then went on extreme right-wing radio shows to defend my ideas (including the morning slot on WVNN, where Sean Hannity got his start). Here is an article I wrote on Huntsville City Schools' surveillance of student social media, and the subsequent interview I did on the Dale Jackson show. In 2016, I wrote an article on teacher turnover in the district, helping set off a string of events leading to the resignation of the superintendent. Later that year, I was awarded the National Courage in Student Journalism award in Indianapolis by the Student Press Law Center and Kent State University for the piece. Here is an interview I did on the James Lomax Show about what I found. Weirdly, I was invited back to guest-host the show afterwards; I talked about the 2016 Republican convention.

Disclaimer: I haven't listened to these interviews or read these articles in years, so it is possible that I said something I do not agree with today.

The fulfillment of Thomism in under 100 words

Aquinas's quinque viae consists of five canonical "proofs" of the existence of God. However, these arguments fall flat in the face of modern logic and probability theory. It is time for a new sixth proof: argumentum ex canis. The logic is as follows:

Checkmate, atheists!