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This page includes my peer-reviewed scientific publications. Non-scientific scholarship and public writing are linked on my CV and my writing page respectively. Undergraduates I mentored are denoted with a dagger (†).

Rotating Earth!

Scientific publications


Yang, L. H., Jacob, D. J., Dang, R., Oak, Y. J., Lin, H., Kim, J., Zhai, S., Colombi, N. K., Pendergrass, D. C., Beaudry, E., Shah, V., Feng, X., Yantosca, R. M., Chong, H., Park, J., Lee, H., Lee, W.-J., Kim, S., Kim, E., … Liao, H. (2024). Interpreting Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer (GEMS) geostationary satellite observations of the diurnal variation in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) over East Asia. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 24(12), 7027–7039. Link to paper (open access)


Dang, R., Jacob, D. J., Zhai, S., Coheur, P., Clarisse, L., Van Damme, M., Pendergrass, D. C., Choi, J., Park, J., Liu, Z., & Liao, H. (2023). Diagnosing the Sensitivity of Particulate Nitrate to Precursor Emissions Using Satellite Observations of Ammonia and Nitrogen Dioxide. Geophysical Research Letters, 50(24), e2023GL105761. Link to paper (open access)

Pendergrass, D. C., Jacob, D. J., Nesser, H., Varon, D. J., Sulprizio, M., Miyazaki, K., & Bowman, K. W. (2023). CHEEREIO 1.0: A versatile and user-friendly ensemble-based chemical data assimilation and emissions inversion platform for the GEOS-Chem chemical transport model. Geoscientific Model Development, 16(16), 4793–4810. Link to paper (open access). Link to PDF.

Varon, D. J., Jacob, D. J., Hmiel, B., Gautam, R., Lyon, D. R., Omara, M., Sulprizio, M., Shen, L., Pendergrass, D. C., Nesser, H., Qu, Z., Barkley, Z. R., Miles, N. L., Richardson, S. J., Davis, K. J., Pandey, S., Lu, X., Lorente, A., Borsdorff, T., … Aben, I. (2023). Continuous weekly monitoring of methane emissions from the Permian Basin by inversion of TROPOMI satellite observations. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 23(13), 7503–7520. Link to paper (open access).

Chen, Z., Jacob, D. J., Gautam, R., Omara, M., Stavins, R. N., Stowe, R. C., Nesser, H., Sulprizio, M. P., Lorente, A., Varon, D. J., Lu, X., Shen, L., Qu, Z., Pendergrass, D. C., & Hancock, S. (2023). Satellite quantification of methane emissions and oil–gas methane intensities from individual countries in the Middle East and North Africa: Implications for climate action. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 23(10), 5945–5967. PDF. Publisher's version (open access).

Zhai, S., Jacob, D. J., Pendergrass, D. C., Colombi, N. K., Shah, V., Yang, L. H., Zhang, Q., Wang, S., Kim, H., Sun, Y., Choi, J.-S., Park, J.-S., Luo, G., Yu, F., Woo, J.-H., Kim, Y., Dibb, J. E., Lee, T., Han, J.-S., … Liao, H. (2023). Coarse particulate matter air quality in East Asia: Implications for fine particulate nitrate. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 23(7), 4271–4281. PDF. Publisher's version (open access).

2022 and earlier

Pendergrass, D. C., S. Zhai, J. Kim, J-H. Koo, S. Lee, M. Bae, S. Kim, H. Liao, and D. J. Jacob. (2022). Continuous mapping of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) air quality in East Asia at daily 6x6 km2 resolution by application of a random forest algorithm to 2011-2019 GOCI geostationary satellite data. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 15, 1075–1091. PDF. Publisher's version (open access). Associated dataset available from Dataverse. Video of 15-minute oral presentation at AGU.

Pendergrass, D. C., Shen, L., Jacob, D. J., & Mickley, L. J. (2019). Predicting the Impact of Climate Change on Severe Wintertime Particulate Pollution Events in Beijing Using Extreme Value Theory. Geophysical Research Letters, 46(3), 1824–1830. Publisher's version (open access). PDF.

Papers submitted, in review, and in revision

Dang, R., D. J. Jacob, S. Zhai, L. H. Yang, D. C. Pendergrass, P. Coheur, L. Clarisse, M. Van Damme, J.-S. Choi, J.-S. Park, Z. Liu, P. Xie, and H. Liao. A satellite-based indicator for diagnosing particulate nitrate sensitivity to precursor emissions: application to East Asia, Europe, and North America. Submitted to Environmental Science and Technology. Link to PDF.

Pendergrass, D.C., D. J. Jacob, Y. J. Oak, J. Lee, M. Kim, J. Kim, S. Lee, S. Zhai, H. Irie, and H. Liao. A continuous 2011-2022 record of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in East Asia at daily 2-km resolution from geostationary satellite observations: population exposure and long-term trends. In review at Earth System Science Data. Link to preprint. Link to PDF.

Liu, T., F.M. Panday†, M.C Caine†, M. Kelp, D. C. Pendergrass, L. J. Mickley. Is the smoke aloft? Caveats of using the Hazard Mapping System (HMS) smoke product as a proxy of surface smoke presence across the United States. Submitted to International Journal of Wildland Fire. Link to PDF.

Beaudry E., D. J. Jacob, K. H. Bates, S. Zhai, L. H. Yang, D. C. Pendergrass, N. K. Columbi, I. Simpson, A. Wisthaler, J. R. Hopkins, K. Li, and H. Liao. Ethanol and Methanol in South Korea and China: evidence for large emissions of volatile chemical products (VCPs). In prep.